Angela Michelle
Excerpts from,  "About/Angela Michelle" at iamsoulfocus.com:
Photojournalist, Writer, Humanitarian, Life Enjoyer, World Explorer, and Entrepreneur, Angela Michelle enjoys her freedom and creativity! As the founder of iamsoulfocus.com, she has proudly retired from others making her schedule, and enjoys flexibility in her life. Angela’s style of photography is simple and true, photojournalistic, and energetic. She earns comfort and trust from her clients, due to her ease and positive attitude. Angela’s soul focus is to honor authentic, fleeting moments, to value personality, not perfection. Photography breathes life into her creativity, and allows her to inspire. While working with Angela, her clients who often become close friends, are guaranteed to experience laughter and a light-hearted atmosphere. She works unobtrusively, and enjoys sneakily capturing moments and character. Angela is intrigued by the personality and stories behind her subjects, appreciating and embracing imperfections and naturalness, also in life. Clients can expect to work on location, in natural light, where they feel unguarded and comfortable letting their personality shine! She is honored to capture your individuality during a portrait session, or your special event. She’ll creatively portray details, or fine art inspirations. Angela will happily tackle any assignment! ... Today, Angela can’t wait to start work everyday. Will she get sand between her toes, enjoy the sunshine, or travel to a new place? Maybe she will exchange interesting ideas, meet happy people, or feel satisfied at the end of the day? Most likely… To discover the more visit: http://www.iamsoulfocus.com/about/angela-michelle/ Website: iamsoulfocus.com Contact: 650.204.1247 angela@iamsoulfocus.com
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