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Cafe Zoe
1929 Menalto Ave, Menlo Park, CA 94025

Cafe Zoe recently celebrated its first anniversary, but it has already made itself a community favorite. That'sMore probably because Cafe Zoe smells wonderful and has a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere, along with free Wi-Fi. You can even rent an iPad for your visit. The varied menu features coffee, tea, expresso, breakfast, salads, paninis, pastries, gelato, ice cream (from Rick's in Palo Alto), smoothies and more.

But, more importantly, Cafe Zoe makes it a priority to integrate itself with the community. All of the food products are bought locally. Every Friday and Sunday, the cafe features local musicians. The artwork hanging displayed on the walls comes from local artists. If a customer is short on cash, Cafe Zoe simply accepts an IOU.  

So come check out Cafe Zoe, one customer called it "the best cafe in miles."

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