Trending: Should We Ban Plastic Bags at Grocery Stores? One State is Considering It

Is it time for plastic bags to go to protect the environment?

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By Jason Claffey and Brian Slupski

Should we ban plastic bags from being used?

Rhode Island lawmakers are considering a bill that would ban the use of plastic bags at grocery stores and retail shops, the Associated Press reported.

"We have to stop polluting our air, our water and our land," Sen. Frank Lombardo told a Senate committee, according to the AP. "Is banning plastic bags a fix-all or a cure-all? No. But it's another piece of the puzzle in helping the earth heal itself."

The goal of such measures is to encourage people to use reusable bags brought from home, the Chicago Sun-Times noted in an editorial. For example, San Francisco banned plastic bags in 2007, but then had to add a paper bag fee in 2012. Los Angeles and 100 other local California governments ban the use of plastic bags.

The New York City Council isn't considering a ban, but they are considering a 10-cent fee for all disposable plastic and paper bags, Washington Square News reported. New York would follow Washington, D.C. which already imposes such a fee on plastic bags.

What do you think? Should we get rid of plastic bags to protect the environment?
Viking April 06, 2014 at 09:39 PM
@ Christopher. There you go again, with the ad hominem attacks, just after two posters have suggested we cool it. You forgot to say "I feel sorry for you", the last redoubt of those with no facts, and prima facie evidence that you don't feel sorry at all. Sneering does not advance an argument. I think this topic has been pretty well exhausted. Use reusable bags if that is what you want to do, and let those of us who don't agree with you continue to use plastic bags. This country was founded on the principle of freedom, of not submitting to or committing control over others. We are not going to roll over, just because you want us to.
Jonathan Kratz April 07, 2014 at 06:06 AM
Is it just a fact of life that conversations like these devolve into name-calling and bickering? Next time you're on 611 between Hatboro and Warminster, try not to see a plastic bag fluttering, snagged in a bush along the road, especially near the growing number of strip malls. And, living as I do near a supermarket, I can attest that yes, there are a number of people regularly walking along the sidewalk-less 611 lugging groceries home (not everyone has a car) -- nothing wrong with that, and for them the bags are a convenience. And there are certainly neighborhoods where folks take care of their properties, clean up after storms right away; good for them! If every store (the suppliers of the bags) and every consumer (the users of the bags) cleaned up after themselves, looked after their trash, and yes, used less plastic when they could, that might address 99% of the problem of loose bags in the environment. A regulation does not always make a problem go away, but it expresses policy in an enforceable way: littering's already against the law. (And we could be nicer to each other on the internet, while we're at it.)
April April 07, 2014 at 08:16 AM
Jonathan - I do look around as I take public transportation and grocery shop, etc. What I see along the road is 99 percent trash from food wrappers. So I just wonder if you are looking at what is actually strewn on public grounds. The other day what I was noticed was Starbuck's paper envelope along the curb, and next to it happened to be a $5 bill. My lucky day. But for whatever reason, I'm not seeing plastic bags.
Shutterbug ! April 07, 2014 at 10:06 AM
Christopher, you hit the nail right on the head ! I totally agree with you. I have seen more name calling, criticizing so called "liberals" than any against those who just don't want to be inconvenienced in ANY way. As long as earth's population continues to rise, (and with it those who unfortunately lower the average mentality level) we're going to have problems. (I won't even get into THAT discussion.) If humans don't recognize that this planet has limited resources, then our days on earth are numbered, but don't criticize those who see the problem and are trying to do something about it. And this is my final opinion...period !
A Delargo April 07, 2014 at 12:51 PM
I live in San Bruno and these idiots have passed a regulation banning plastic bags. I cannot tell you what a pain in the ass it is. Paper bags, or mega reusable plastic bags are the only choice, and they cost a dime. Where the hell is all that money going.... maybe a tree sensitivity encounter group... Liberals gone wild !!!


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