Police Discourage Fireworks on 4th of July

Menlo Park Police remind residents that celebratory 4th of July gunfire will not be tolerated.

Menlo Park Police announced Monday that fireworks and celebratory gunfire are prohibited within city limits.

Police Spokesperson Nicole Acker said every year fireworks have caused a significant amount of fires along the Peninsula during the 4th of July holiday.  She also wanted to remind the public that the use of fireworks is illegal in Menlo Park.  It’s also illegal to make, sell or distribute them she said.

Evidently, some people have turned to alternative methods of celebrating Independence Day in the past.  

Celebratory gunfire “will not be tolerated," Acker said.  

“Besides being illegal, celebratory gunfire puts others at risk for injury or death,” she said.

Every year, thousands are seriously injured by accident during a celebratory gun blast, according to the police department's data. 

“Remember what goes up, must come down, which includes bullets,” Acker said. 

She recommended finding professionally choreographed events to stay safe.  You can  

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