Row, Row, Row Your Boat From Monterey To Hawaii? 'Great Pacific Race' Takes Off Monday

First-ever such competition has 13 teams from 10 countries rowing 2,400 miles!

Graphic Credit: Great Pacific Race.
Graphic Credit: Great Pacific Race.
By Susan C. Schena:

Organizers of the Great Pacific Race now are setting Monday --June 9 -- as their starting day for the first-ever ocean rowing race across the Pacific Ocean from Monterey to Honolulu.

The race was to begin Saturday, but due to high winds in the forecast, organizers postponed the start to Monday at 10 a.m.

Joining what's being dubbed "the biggest, baddest human-endurance challenge on the planet," teams from around the world will set out on the 2,400-mile ocean journey, expected to take between 30 and 90 days. Organizers said that each boat carries no sails or engines, and is only moved by crews pulling oars.

This Great Pacific Race marks the first event of its kind on the Pacific Ocean, officials report, as apparently no one before has rowed across it in a competition. (More on the history of ocean rowing here.)

And while high winds will likely be encountered by crews at some point in the race, organizers were keen to avoid them at the offset to enable crews to quickly make a safe distance from land and to allow them to acclimate to life at sea before coping with severe conditions.

“Safety is the paramount concern," said race director Chris Martin. "And although the rowers will have to take their chances with the weather once they get further out to sea, we are determined to ensure that the first few days of race provide the crews with the best possible chance of making it safely away from shore and into the open ocean.” 

Get to know the crews and follow along with their progress here.

To see the race rules and other particulars -- or to sign up for the Great Pacific Race 2016 -- follow this link. 


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