Teens Prototype Disaster-Resistant Home

Menlo School students presented plans to "investors" at Engineering Product Fair.

The next generation of entrepreneurs got some practice pitching investors at Menlo School's Annual Engineering Product Fair. 

Juniors enrolled in Engineering 1 formed corporations and made products that alleviated a specific need. Some, such as Annaliese Yikawa, Alyssa Meyer, and Jasmin Williams, designed houses for areas where natural distasters strike often.  

They formed a corporation called "Intuition Design" and designed a home that could be placed in regions of the country where heavy rainfall causes environmental trauma as severe as what was done by Hurricane Katrina. 

Their house features a water wheel that can generate power during an outage. After building a prototype of it, they crafted a marketing plan to entice investors.  

People who visited the fair played the role of angel , a role which may not be too far removed from real life here in Menlo Park.

The students presented their products to them and asked for funding.

While it's not clear if they'll take the project beyond the fair and into the boardroom for further development, these girls are definitely ones to watch as the year unfolds. 

Sandy B January 18, 2012 at 09:03 PM
It's so nice to see that kids are learning how to help out their fellow man.


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