Second Graders Celebrate First Publication

Teachers at Belle Haven Elementary School launch novel in-class writing project.

Students in East Menlo Park are one line closer to a well-rounded resume, thanks to a few dedicated teachers. 

Robert Pronovost is a second grade teacher at  who led the pack. Mr. Pronovost wanted to inspire his students to write in class, so he incentivized the process by offering them tangible evidence of their creativity—a traditionally bound book. If they would write and illustrate it, he would find a way to have it published at no cost to them. 

He fostered their creativity for months, securing a publishing partner along the way. This week, students showcased their new books at an on-campus event called "Day of The Author." Some displayed a copy of their work in paperback, while others opted for hardcover. Each had their own. 

“The students were ecstatic to see their own books in a printed, published format,” Pronovost said. “Many of them are already planning their next book.”

Fellow teachers Andrea Leech and Shelly Barnea-Smith also encouraged their students to verbalize and illustrate their ideas. Their students exhibited at the event alongside Mr. Pronovost's.

New author Courtney Hill, Belle Haven Elementary student, was enthusiastic about the novel in-class writing project.

“I liked that our book was sent to a publisher, because I had never made a real book before,” Hill said. “I shared the book with my mom. I didn't like my pictures, but she did.”

Her book was called How To Be A Teacher. 

Given what she wants to be when she grows up, teachers suspect her next book will be titled How To Be A Doctor.  

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