The Berkeley Public Library Wants to Know—'How are We Doing?'

Out of 182 public library systems in the state, only 10 spent more per capita than Berkeley in 2010-11.

The city of Berkeley operates one of the costliest, busiest, best-stocked, and most well-staffed library systems in California. 

There are only 10 library systems in the state that spent more per capita than Berkeley in 2010-2011. It's a list that includes towns like Mill Valley, Belvedere-Tiburon, Beverly Hills and Carmel, which topped the ranking with $345 for every resident, according to the California State Library. [See the table below for Berkeley's expenditures per capita.] 

Now the Berkeley Public Library wants to know what you think of the job its doing and the services it provides with all that money. The library has released a 25-question survey as part of its strategic plan, according to Berkeleyside

Another interesting fact from the California State Library: Berkeley Public Library has more materials for children than any other library system in the state. 

Berkeley Public Library 2010-2011 Statewide Mean 2010-2011 Expenditures per capita $121.95 $32.36 Material expenditures per capita $7.51 $2.68 Print, ebooks, audio and video per capita 5.04 items 2.03 items Full-time employees per population 1 FTE for 1,050 residents 1 FTE for 3,429 residents Circulation per capita 17.19 6.41 Visits per capita  11.95 4.41 Materials per child 15.31 Not Available Source: California State Library
Alex Gronke January 28, 2013 at 09:43 PM
A blogger who claims to be a former library assistant sent this link to his blog about the BPL. http://www.libraryquirks.org/
Mary January 30, 2013 at 11:23 PM
The library is a wonderful resource, but I wish that the rues were enforced at the Main Branch. I don't go in there at noontime because that's when the teenagers come in and act rowdy - it seems no one ever tells them to keep the noise down. At other times I see people eating and drinking, and of course there are always the homeless and pseudo-homeless who sleep while pretending to read a newspaper - they tie up not only a chair and a newspaper but a whole table because they are so dirty that no one wants to sit near them.


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