Menlo Park Democrats Give Standing Ovation to Obama

American citizens organized a watch party at the new volunteer headquarters in Menlo Park. The event was vivid with joy and hope.

Democrats held a watch party in Menlo Park Thursday night to experience the President's acceptance speech together. 

More than 150 people attended the event that was held at the at 350 El Camino Real.  Footage was live streamed and projected onto a white screen that had been mounted on one of the walls of the volunteer center.  The crowd chattered loudly until Michelle introduced her husband, The President of the United States.  Then all fell silent, the light from the setting sun reflecting off the high-heeled shoes worn by some of the women in business attire.  

The crowd applauded racously when President Obama talked about creating more jobs and products in America.  You could see people enraptured in his words, lost in a moment, captivated by this historic act.  For the first time in American history, an African-American is the incumbent presidential candidate. 

When Obama talked about having "hope in the face of uncertainty," the crowd raised their hands above their heads and clapped with an enthusiasm usually reserved for religious ceremonies and late summer barbeques.  

"Right on!" someone yelled.  

Children who appeared to be as young as four sat underneath the projection screen upon which the Democratic National Convention was streaming.  They nibbled on the grapes that Campaign Manager Mike Aydelott and his team had provided for guests that night.  Adults nearby sipped on red and white wine out of clear plastic cups.  From the attire they wore, it was clear that many had come straight from the office to watch the President accept the Democratic nomination. 

"You didn't elect me to tell you what you want to hear," Obama said. "You elected me to tell the truth."

 These words inspired the people in the audience to chant, "Four more years!" while clapping to the beat of their voices.  The little kids clapped too.   

After the event was over, most of the people in the crowd dissipated into the night animated and "hopeful" for the future. 

California Assemblymember Jerry Hill (D-19) stayed and mingled.


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