David Lim Becomes Mayor of San Mateo

Robert Ross is voted Deputy Mayor.


From the passing of the "magic stick" to an emotional farewell to the late Mike Nevin, this was one special city council meeting.

David Lim was officially voted in as mayor of San Mateo during Monday night's regularly-scheduled city council meeting and Robert Ross was chosen as deputy mayor.

Normally a crowded council chamber would suggest a controversal item on the agenda. This crowd was there for a celebration.

Brandt Grotte, who remains a councilman, was honored for his service as mayor with an official resolution, a San Mateo coffee mug and flowers (intended for his wife).

"He is such a joy to work with," said San Mateo city manager Susan Loftus, who also delivered her own gift. "He puts in the time and the effort and stays committed and focused to San Mateo community."

Councilman Jack Matthews has worked with Grotte for 11 years, the past seven on the council.

"There's a great, long list of things he's been doing for the city as mayor and council member," Matthews said.

Ross, a former police commander, said it was hard to keep up with Grotte.

"He's such an extremely hartd worker," Ross said.

Council member Maureen Freschet recalled that Grotte "reached out to me with an open door policy. He was very dedicated."

It was a big night for Lim, who had his family and his parents there for the ceremony. His two daughters led the crowd with the Pledge of Allegiance and were reintroduced when Lim officially took office.

Grotte made it official when he told Lim, "here is your magic stick," referring the microphone.

"I need to keep listening and to continue doing wonderful things for the city," Lim said.

Lim's first order of business was nominating Ross for vice mayor.

"I used to be on Neighbor Watch and he was the area commander," Lim said. "He's not afraid to push the envelope."

Ross accepted his position by saying "It's been very rewarding to get to know all the council members. I'm optimistic we'll have a good year in front of us."

The council decided to adjure the meeting in honor of Nevin, the former county supervisor who passed away from cancer on Saturday.

"He was very dedicated to the citizens of this county," Freschet said, tearing up. "His loving, caring spirit will live on forever. He was my close friend and my mentor. He encouraged me to run for city council. He lived his life with a lot of joy and enthusiasm."

Following a moment of silence, the meeting was adjured.



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CP December 04, 2012 at 03:29 PM
Congratulations to David Lim and Robert Ross, our city is VERY lucky to have BOTH of them....and a thank you to Brandt Grotte for his time served as Mayor. David Lim's family should be very proud of him, he truly serves the citizens he represents. By the looks of the wonderful family photo it looks as though they are very proud!
DanC December 04, 2012 at 08:29 PM
So Rick. Are you saying that it is inappropriate to present a man (Brandt Grotte) with flowers but a coffee mug is ok? I think Mr Grotte should be feted with flowers minus the disclaimer. After all, it was he who was an excellent mayor.
Rick Eymer December 04, 2012 at 10:19 PM
I do not think it is inappropriate at all to present a man with flowers. I'd rather have flowers in hand before I was buried than have them wasted on my headstone. Perhaps I should have quoted Mr. Lim, who said the flowers were for his wife, and Mr. Grotte, who thanked the council on his wife's behalf.
CP December 05, 2012 at 08:45 PM
To Rick Eymer: Keep up the great work. I enjoy reading your articles!


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