Council Campaigns Portray Different Men

The men running for Menlo Park City Council are gaining voter support in very different ways.

With about 100 days until Election Day, City Council candidates are taking different approaches to growing their support base in Menlo Park.  Four candidates have started the paperwork necessary to run in the election*; two of those candidates are actively campaining.

Attorney is taking the more traditional route of gaining endorsements from other individuals who have political clout within the community.  The Mueller for Council campaign announced it now has San Mateo County Superivsor endorsement, which highlights the reciprocation that takes place in the San Mateo County political scene.  Mueller called voters from during Pine's run for Supervisors in April 2011.  Mueller's campaign has gained dozens of endorsements recently, all of which you can find on his website.

Mueller's site lists the following three things as top priority: 

  • Restoring Vibrancy
  • Building Community
  • Strengthening Menlo Park's Financial Health

On Firefighter Dave Bragg's website, you'll find a more grass roots endeavor.  Bragg's website doesn't have an endorsements page, although it has many photos of him playing well with others, which provides a point of comparison.  Next to a photo of him leaning against a fire truck, is a photo of him with his fellow soldiers before being deployed to Kuwait.  In another he is celebrating a game with his .  Yet another shows him cycling through Menlo Park on an ride to identify the to get to Bedwell Bayfront Park.

site lists the following issues as top priority:

  • Improve our Community
  • Invest in Local Business
  • Increase our Safety
  • Encourage our Children
  • Support our Elderly and Veterans

Candidate Andrew Cohen's campaign does not have a City Council 2012 website yet. 

Which campaign resonates with you? 


*As of Friday, Andrew Cohen has pulled, but not filed paperwork to run .  Kelly Fergusson is officially running in the race, according to the city' clerk's office.  Carolyn Clarke has publicly expressed interest in running.  Clarke has not visited the city clerk's office to do the paperwork yet, according to the city clerk's office.

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Dave Bragg August 06, 2012 at 10:33 PM
I just found this article I wish I had seen it sooner. It is amazing that Ray and I have a lot of similar views and goals. We do come from two entirely different back grounds and groups that support our campaign. I early on tried to seek endorsements from current and former local politicians and unless they were already my friends it was about as difficult if Ray tried to get endorsements from the veterans I served with in Iraq. I have been serving the country and the community (volunteer/employee) since 1998 none of which have been political positions. Ray appears to have been involved public service (politics) since 2010. It seems like a very tight group to gain that much traction in just 2 years. I can't wait to be a part of it, and I am confident I will be able to jump right in and bring people together. My campaign slogan is "Born to Serve" and I truly believe that.


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