Tips for Staying Safe on Halloween

The Menlo Park Police Department provides safety tips for parents of young ones that will participate in the festivities.

Halloween has evolved greatly from its ancient roots to become the fun filled holiday it is today.

On that night, the children will take to the streets dressed in their costumes for an evening of trick or treating. The Menlo Park Police Department would like to provide some safety tips for parents of young ones that will participate in the festivities.

-Make sure you accompany your children while trick or treating, or designate a trusted adult that will accompany them.

-If your children are older and will be trick or treating without adult supervision, instruct them to take friends with them.

-Make certain you know the route they will be taking and make sure that they know not to deviate from that route.

-Let your children know that they are to check in with you by phone or by stopping back at home.

-Always make certain that your children know to walk on sidewalks or paths. If there are no sidewalks, it is safest to walk facing traffic as far to the left as possible.

-Be sure your children know how to cross a street properly. They should always look both ways and should only cross at corners using crosswalks.

-Help your child pick out a costume that will be safe. If they are wearing a mask of any kind, make certain that they eye holes are large enough that their visibility is not limited.

-Have children carry glow sticks or flashlights. This will help them see better as well as help drivers see them.

-Make sure you talk to your children about staying in well-lit areas that are not isolated.

-Serve your children a filling meal before trick or treating so they won’t be as tempted to eat any candy before bringing it home.

-Consider organizing or attending parties at home as an alternative to trick or treating.

Have a safe and happy Halloween from the Menlo Park Police Department!

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The Menlo Park Police authored this post.


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