Scammers Seem Insistent on Targeting San Mateo County Residents

The sheriff's office says they continue to get numerous reports of fraudulent phone calls in the area.

By Bay City News Service: 

Residents are once again being warned to be aware of fraudulent phone calls from people claiming to be with the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office, a sheriff's spokeswoman said Wednesday.

 In late March, sheriff's spokeswoman Deputy Rebecca Rosenblatt circulated an alert warning residents to not offer money to pay off any phony jury duty fees for failing to appear.

 She said Wednesday that the department continues to receive calls from people who are unsure if the calls are real or a scam.

 Sheriff's officials want residents to know that no law enforcement agency would contact a member of the public and demand that they pay outstanding fees or fines or be arrested for failing to do so, according to Rosenblatt.

 Residents should be vigilant and never offer any private information over the phone, including social security numbers or credit card information, unless they themselves initiated the phone call.


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