Police Arrest Suspects for Willows Burglary

Neighbor tipped off Menlo Park Police.

Two men are in police custody, after being arrested on suspicion of burglarizing a house in the 700 block of Laurel, which is in the Willows neighborhood.

At 11:42 Friday morning, a Willows resident said he saw two “suspicious individuals walking into the backyard of his neighbor’s house,” according to police report.   The neighbor didn’t see the men leave and told the police so. 

Menlo Park police surrounded the house until the individuals emerged from the home, at which point they were arrested.

Sergeant Matthew Ortega said the men, Luis Cadena, 18, and a 17-year-old whose name has been withheld, had jewelry and small electronics in their possession. As the investigation is still being done, a value has not been set on the items. The 17- year-old has been booked into Hillcrest Juvenile Facility, while Cadena was placed in San Mateo County Jail.

Menlo Park Police encourage residents who see suspicious activity to report it to the dispatch center by calling (650) 330-6300. Sergeant Matthew Ortega said anyone with information about this burglary should call that line and ask for him.  He can also be reached at mkortega@menlopark.org.

Shionda June 25, 2011 at 05:30 AM
Outstanding job by the Menlo Park Police deparment and our neighbors!! The respone time was excellent, they apprehended the suspects and the investigation was extremely thorough. Our extraordinary police force and wonderful neighbors allow us to feel very safe and protected. It also reinforces our appreciation for our neighbors, the willows neighborhood and the MPPD which is a top-notch force. Kudos to the MPPD!!


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