Kiraly Takes Lead in Fire Board Race

Read on for the results in these races: Measure F, Menlo Park Fire Protection District Board of Directors, and East Palo Alto Sanitary District Board of Directors.

Two seats opened up this election season on the  Board of Directors, while three opened up on the . 

The two boards are tasked with refining the long-range visions that will influence what can and cannot be done within the boundaries of their jurisdictions.   

Not all the races were as clean as those. Voters were also asked to elect three members to the , which is in charge of setting rates for wastewater drainage in the Willows neighborhood and East Palo Alto. 

So who won? Here are the unofficial results from the San Mateo County Elections Office: 

 (2 will join The Board)  Total Votes  Leaders  Scott Barnum
1,426 Virginia Chang Kiraly 2,529 <-- Steven Kennedy 807 Rob Silano 2,521 <-- Bart Spencer 2,369


Total Votes (Majority needed to pass)   Yes    No             4,438 1,340

6,187 ballots were tallied in all 47 precincts.  36,625 people were registed and eligible to vote in this race. 

    (3 will join The Board)  Total Votes Leaders  Edrick Haggans 297 Goro Mitchell 356 <-- Glenda Savage 324 <-- Matias Varela 191
Sani Wadunia 124 Bethzabe Yanez  336 <--

691 ballots were tallied in all eight precincts.  6,180 were registered to vote in this race. 

For the results of the Sequoia Union High School District Board of Directors race, . 

The official results will be announced by the Elections Office on Dec. 6. 

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Vanessa Castañeda November 09, 2011 at 09:03 AM
When the initial vote-by-mail ballot results were released on Tuesday at 9 p.m., newcomer Virginia Chang Kiraly was neck and neck with Incumbent Bart Spencer for that second board seat, with less than a dozen votes separating the two. At 10:30 p.m., the precinct reports shriveled the edge held by Spencer and propelled her into the lead with a margin of a few hundred votes. Chang Kiraly attributed this to the fact that many of her supporters are moms who are "poll day" voters. This runs counter to the traditional clout held by those casting their ballots via snail mail in the Menlo Park precincts, and illuminates how voters' behavior patterns are shifting. She will be the only woman on the board. The appropriations measure results were fairly evident from the get go, as were the EPA Sanitation District Board results. Neither fluctuated significantly throughout the evening. I'd offer more observations. But, well, it's bedtime.


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