High Speed Chase Ends in Courtroom

A police pursuit through Burlingame and Hillsborough will result in a trial next month.

The pretrial conference for a man accused of robbing an ATM customer and leading police on a wild chase through Burlingame and Hillsborough last August took up a courtroom Monday morning.

Daniel T. Cassidy, 25, appeared for the conference concerning the Aug. 28 crime in which he approached a woman at a Burlingame ATM, pulled out a knife and demanded $100 in cash three times. 

According to San Mateo County District Attorney's Office notes, Cassidy grabbed the money and was spotted by a police officer getting into his truck minutes later. The officer followed Cassidy with his lights and siren on, but Cassidy refused to stop.

Going as fast as 60 miles per hour in 25 and 35 zones, Cassidy lost control of his truck twice around turns, crashing into another car and eventually getting stuck in a bush in Hillsborough.

The officer then shot Cassidy twice with a Taser, but he kept running. Eventually he was subdued. According to the DA, in the scuffle to get Cassidy cuffed, the arresting officer noticed Cassidy was holding a knife and had several cuts on his abdomen. 

Cassidy was taken to the hospital for treatment and a psych evaluation and was later transported to jail.

At the end of his pretrial conference on Monday, Cassidy had a jury trial date set for March 4. He is currently still in custody on $100,000 bail. 

k February 06, 2013 at 04:03 AM
I feel for the Cassidy family , They are very nice people.Every one should sit back and realise , raising children sometimes brings situations that no one wants , and create very hard times in a family , and thats when friends come together and understand the hurt this family is feeling, and stand with them........


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