Belmont Man Arrested in Indecent Exposure Case

Police say information and security camera images from neighbors helped lead them to the suspect, an 18-year-old Belmont man.

Belmont police arrested a man suspected of exposing himself to two women on Hiller Street earlier this month.

According to Lt. Pat Halleran, Spencer Aaron Kinsey, age 18, of Belmont was arrested without incident on Thursday at approximately 5:00 p.m. Kinsey was booked into the San Mateo County Jail in Redwood City.

After reviewing the cases submitted by the Belmont Police Department, the San Mateo County District Attorney's Office had filed two counts of indecent exposure against Kinsey and a warrant was issued for Kinsey’s arrest. 

On Jan. 13 a Belmont woman was walking on Hiller Street at Marine View Ave., when a man in a car pulled up and asked for directions.  When the woman went over to the car to talk to the driver, she saw that he was exposing himself.  The suspect was driving a dark red, early ‘90s Toyota Camry four door sedan.

As a result of information put out by the media and social networking, residents who live in the area provided investigators with video from security cameras mounted on their homes that showed a possible suspect and vehicle.

On Jan. 19, the same suspect exposed himself to another woman while she was walking Hiller Street.

Belmont Officers found the suspect's vehicle at a residence in Belmont on Jan. 20 and contacted an 18-year-old man, who matched the descriptions given by the victims in both cases.  After interviewing the suspect, Belmont police submitted the cases to the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office for charges.

“The security camera images provided by neighbors absolutely played an important role in getting these cases solved and a suspect arrested” said Belmont Police Chief Dan DeSmidt. 

“This is an excellent example of law enforcement and the community working together to fight crime” DeSmidt added.

Steven Tsujisaka February 08, 2013 at 11:38 PM
Oh, I forgot to mention to you "Facebook Perspective" that after Spencer was released he sent me a message thanking me for publicly supporting him not only on here but also the Carlmont school newspaper (http://www.scotscoop.com/25865).
Phillip Bailey February 09, 2013 at 05:28 AM
Steven...have you and Spencer "lived a little bit"? What makes someone a "great person" at such a young age? Is it the people saying "he's great" or the person himself? You're a nifty wordsmith but you like you say, have alternately posted the initial facts on facebook and then removed them as well as come pretty close to implying that he's innocent. Do you mean...they have the wrong person? Regarding Him thanking you and you also sharing that...what does that add to the scenario? Enlighten me!
Steven Tsujisaka February 09, 2013 at 06:27 AM
Phillip, Although I do not appreciate some of your remarks because you do not know me well to say anything, but I will gladly clarify some of my previous comments. The reason why I removed the link from my Facebook page is because I received messages from "friends," people like "Facebook Perspective," who thought I was undermining Spencer when I was trying to bring awareness to the uprising situation. Although I fully respect and support the first amendment, I also respect the feelings of my Facebook friends and followers. Spencer's a good person to me because he's always treated me with more respect, honesty, and care than all of my peers and most of my friends. My views of Spencer are not influenced by the media or others, especially those who do not know him. What I mean by "innocent" is that I believe he's innocent until proven guilty, especially before the trial starts because I do not know what evidence the prosecutors have on Spencer. I added that Spencer personally thanked me to show people like "Facebook Perspective" that my actions were meant for good than harm and Spencer acknowledged it. I know first-hand what its like to be bullied and all I want to do is give him an area to feel safe because when life was hard for me I didn't have one and I suffered everyday. I am trusting the judicial system to handle this case properly.
Phillip Bailey February 09, 2013 at 07:24 AM
Steven surely you jest. Calling you a wordsmith is a compliment. Saying someone...anyone is a ____fill in the blank...a nice person because one is 'nice to someone' is not always the definition of the real thing. Living on our planet for 20 yrs does make a person full of wisdom. I hope Spencer gets off or pleads down but I ask you...don't they have him driving by on video? Don't we think the victims have looked at photos in order to advance the case? He being nice to you at CHS is rather irrelevant to the case, no? This is a public blog. Most here seem anonymous tho you've chosen your full name with a photo. How could I possibly "know" you and how would that matter to the facts of the case? There wa a perp and two victims. Leave personalities and knowledge of both parties out of it. What if you didn't know him but were related to the two victims?
Steven Tsujisaka February 09, 2013 at 08:41 AM
Whether 18 or 20 years old sounds young or not, I am fully capable of determining whether or not someone is nice. I question the video evidence because in the press release I received from the Belmont Police that had an screenshot from the video, the evidence does not seem sufficient enough. There's no timestamp anywhere on the footage, you can't see the person's face, and there is no visible license plate - how can anyone identify the driver from this? To me, the video evidence is debatable and circumstantial. This stunt is ignorant, disturbing and not right, but Spencer doesn't pose as a serious threat to society. Comparing this situation to some of the more serious issues going on right now (around gun control, perhaps), it just seems like this situation has blown out of proportion. There are people who said earlier in this thread that they think the victims might get something like PTSD from seeing a man's penis. Doesn't that seem a bit extreme to any of you? I originally came on this thread just to share with people that there's a good side to Spencer, but I guess that's not allowed because everyone believes he did this? Just because he's a SUSPECT in this case, that does not mean he is guilty. The United States has the Due Process Clause for a reason. And no, my opinion would remain the same if my friends were the victim.


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