A Successful Morning Waiting Tables for Menlo Park Police Officers

Menlo Park police officers raised nearly $3,000 for this month's Torch Run for Special Olympics, waiting tables at Stack's on Wednesday morning.

Menlo Park police officers got to spend a day in other shoes on Wednesday when they waited tables at in downtown. It was all for a good cause - the annual "Tip A Cop" event to raise money for the Special Olympics Law Enforcement Torch Run.

This year's "Tip A Cop" was a fun one, said Officer Victoria Martinez, who organized the event with Stack's. It was a successful one, too - the 8 a.m. to noon shift brought in $2,600 for the Torch Run, she added.

"The officers all had a good time," Officer Martinez said, adding that it was a good day for the staff at Stacks, as well. "We brought in a lot of business for Stacks, they're usually not that busy on a Wednesday night. So they were very appreciative of that too."

The department is still waiting for other donations expected to come in as well. The Torch Run is set to take place this Friday, June 17, so they can accept donations all the way up to Thursday, Officer Martinez explained.

"After that, donations can go directly to the Special Olympics," she said.

Globally, Law Enforcement Torch Runs raise around $100 million per year for the Special Olympics, said Doreen Roth, director of the program, who has been working with the Menlo Park Police Department.

Of the 17 law enforcement officers from northern California who will be running with the torch this Friday, eight of them are from Menlo Park.

“I can’t say enough about the officers who come out and volunteer their time,” Roth said.  “It just shows you what wonderful human beings they are.”

Officer Martinez says, it's a worthwhile cause, and the officers truly enjoyed themselves on Wednesday.

"I think everybody had a great time; we also gave out stickers for kids," she said. "All the officers waiting on tables had a great time, so they can’t wait to do it again next year."

For more information about the Torch Run or how to make donations, call the at 650-330-6300.


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