What Would You Like to See Patch Cover in 2013?

We're committed to bringing you the best in hyperlocal news - so what would you like to see more of in 2013?

Welcome, 2013!

Patch feels very honored and lucky to have you all as readers - and we're committed to bringing you the best in hyperlocal community-minded content.

So, we want to know - what would you like to see more of in 2013?

Is it more...

  • Local government and politics, such as coverage of the City Council, Planning Commission, and the like?
  • Business content, such as new businesses coming to town, why certain businesses are closing, and what it all means for the local economy and real estate?
  • Schools news?
  • Local arts and entertainment, such as the best local events going on around town?
  • More crime coverage, such as local crime trends, police blotters and the like?
  • Or, more coverage of a particular issue in town, such as Pete's Harbor, traffic/congestion, or another?

Tell us what you want to see most on Patch in 2013 in the comments below.

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Benjamin Johnson January 03, 2013 at 06:31 AM
I would like see more coverage of the San Mateo County Supes and the budget, jail, programs and spending. Redwood City is the County seat and bears a disproportionate amount of the burden on it's infrastructure because the County has decided to locate most of it's services here. We are home to the the County jail (soon to be 2), Probation, Drug/Alcohol Rehabilitation and many other County services. The Supes need to be held accountable for the decisions that directly affect our community.
Bo January 03, 2013 at 11:35 PM
All the suggestions in the article are good since they focus on local news. Please stop posting articles that are unrelated to local news, and are the same type of articles that I can find in every other news website. A few examples of what I don't want to see on patch: http://redwoodcity-woodside.patch.com/articles/five-minutes-to-a-buff-body http://redwoodcity-woodside.patch.com/articles/tips-to-beat-a-hangover http://redwoodcity-woodside.patch.com/articles/6-tips-for-returningexchanging-christmas-gifts-6efc2486
Jennifer van der Kleut January 04, 2013 at 12:24 AM
Are these types of articles uninteresting to anyone else? (we appreciate the feedback!)
Reality Check January 14, 2013 at 06:32 PM
I agree with Bo. The niche that Patch ought to focus on is local news that readers likely can't or won't find covered anywhere else. I've been a bit of a news junkie ever since I was a kid growing up in a neighboring community here on the Peninsula, and the big dailies used to do a better job of covering local stories. The SF Chron and SJ Merc used to have more pages and stories and local editions. Those days are gone, and they've nearly eliminated local coverage. What would make Patch most valuable to the community it serves is to do more watchdog journalism and carry stories that the bigger dailies can't or won't cover. This also builds a stronger sense of community and place and, over time, will improve both the engagement level of readers and the quality and effectiveness of local government in serving the greater good. Leaders that know they are being watched and reported on must be more connected and responsive to their constituents or face the consequences at the ballot box. Our form of elected representative democracy can only work well when the electorate is well-informed about what's going on ... and that's where local media like Patch can and should play an indispensable role.
Jennifer van der Kleut January 14, 2013 at 06:50 PM
Great points Reality Check, thank you for the feedback! I am already working on implementing some of the feedback from these comments. We began our coverage of crime in Woodside last week, we are increasing our coverage of county government, and I am working on a few in-depth local/governmental pieces currently as well. And I am attempting to make more contacts in our schools to increase our youth/schools coverage. Thank you everyone!


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