Political Action Committee Raises Funds @ Menlo Park Post Office

Duo used sensational image to attract attention to a six-candidate slate of congressional candidates.

Two LaRouche Political Action Committee members proselytized in front of the on Oak Grove in Menlo Park Monday with the goal of gaining support for a movement to impeach President Obama, among other things.

“Even at this late hour, there remains a clear solution to avoid a breakdown of organized society into a new dark age,” reads the literature they distributed to anyone who passed by their table.

The were primarily there to promote a slate of six candidates, all of whom believe in Lyndon La Rouche’s 7 Necessary Steps to Survival.

These steps, according to their literature, include impeaching Obama, bailing out the states, and developing a North American Water and Power Alliance that would promote the creation of a transcontinental network of high speed magnetically levitated trains, as well as human space exploration.

They want a "credible" third party to become eligible for the U.S. Presidency, and have been traveling throughout the Bay Area for the past few months to spread the word.

Neither of the two who stood behind the table Monday claimed any predilection for a profession in the sciences, nor did they contest that La Rouche has been characterized as a political extremist. According to LaRouchePub.com, he also ran for U.S. president five times in the past 40 years without success, although that fact could be confirmed by press time.

It is his name that is touted on the PAC bolstering the six-candidate slate that the two presented to a largely apathetic audience of people who had recently mailed packages.

It includes: Summer Shields, who is a write in candidate for Congressional representation of California’s 8th district, Bill Roberts who is from Michigan, Diane Sare from New Jersey, Rachel Brown of Massachusetts, Dave Christie who hails from Washington, and Kesha Rogers who is politically active in Texas.

The two supporters stood by politically controversial signs that showed an image of Obama with a Hitler moustache photo shopped onto his face.

When asked the significance of the image, Wesley, one of the supporters who would not share his last name, said: “We’re fighting for policy that can help us regain control of the biosphere. With this administration in office, our nation doesn’t stand a chance.”

One of the main policies about which the two were passionate was as liquid as their mood. They want the country’s water supply redirected and redistributed, so areas of the country that lack water such as Arizona would be less parched.

The group will be holding a Policy Workshop Town Hall at 2 p.m. on Sept. 17 at the Martin Luther King Library in San Jose.

More information about the group can be found at larouchepac.com.

fernly2 September 20, 2011 at 11:43 AM
Water resources have been the basis for wars for centuries. California looked so barren before the canal was run down the central valley. Now to support an abundant quality of life for Earth the Parsons engineering firm designed the North America Water and Power Alliance which progressives are pushing. No project can approach the beauty and magnitude of NAWAPA. Support it or say hello to the dinosaurs. Call me a starry eyed optimist but I believe we are fit to survive.


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