They Don't Double Fry Their Fries

Patch announces where you can find the best fries in Menlo Park.

Although they have a plethora of places to buy fried potatos in Menlo Park, Patch readers prefer the ones at . 

We asked you to tell us where to find the best fries in town in this week's Readers' Choice, "The Search for the Perfect French Fry."  

Twenty-seven percent of voters who took the popularity poll said they like the ones at

"Dutch Goose FTW!" Sandy proclaimed in the comments section on the original post. Offline, she told me that she likes how simple the fries are there. She said they go well with just about every beer.  

Speaking of beer, one Belgian reader commented, chastised the French for stealing their thunder. (Fries originated in Belgium. And so do very good beers.) 

Sam said he hadn't had any fries in Menlo Park that taste the way that they should.

"Not that the potatoes are bad over here, quite the contrary," Sam said. "But no restaurant I've been to in town dips the fries twice (letting them drip for exactly one minute in between), as all the pros do, to guarantee crispiness outside while maintaining full softness inside.

If you know of a place that does it right, let me know! PLEAAASE!!!"

Will do, Sam. I called The Dutch Goose for you to find out their cooking method. They don't double fry their fries.  

But they don't mind if you double dip yours. 

Kudos to that participated in the Readers' Choice poll this week. Next week, we're casting our net into the waters to catch the best seafood in Menlo Park. Stay tuned. 

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