Psychographic Differences Exemplified in Burrito Poll

Data shows people in Menlo Park may be less enthusiastic about burritos than Redwood City residents.

Menlo Park residents who participated in say that their favorite burrito place is .

Problematically, the sample size may be too low to take seriously. Why do you suspect that is?

We asked tell us which of the following places serves the best burrito in Menlo Park:

Nine people took the poll, crowning Cafe Del Sol as The place to find the best burritos in town.

I can't help but take a step back and look next door to Redwood City, which is also home to a plethora of restaurants that serve Mexican food. 213 people took that , voting Chavez Supermarket as the tastiest place for burritos. Granted, Redwood City has at least three times as many residents as Menlo Park. However, is this data reflective of our community's size or tastes?

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