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After the recent news about Atherton's place atop the zipcode list in the U.S., we are highlighting one of its peacefully secluded and suburban neighborhoods - Lindenwood. 

A small, tree-lined community spanning the area between Middlefield and Bay Road in Atherton, Lindenwood is graced with winding streets, gorgeous scenery, and elegance reminiscent of the days when it was founded in the 19th century. Its history stems from James C. Flood and his 44-room home named "Linden Towers" that rested on a 600 acre estate. With that estate gone and many single-acre homes in its place, Lindenwood still shares in the opulent atmosphere while holding a welcoming feel for the families and residents it is home to. 

Currently, Lindenwood is home to many Silicon Valley families and entrepreneurs among a small handful of celebrities. Its several streets are named after the various trees growing in the area as well as the small amount of floods that occurred there in its early history. With housing prices ranging from two to eight million dollars on average, its homes are significantly lower-priced than its neighboring community, West Atherton.

Lindenwood is also home to a small batch of Eichler homes built by Joseph Eichler, if you would like to find out more about Eichler homes, or any Eichler homes for sale in Atherton or surrounding areas call the Boyenga Team who are Eichler Specialists in Atherton and surrounding areas of Silicon Valley. 

If you find yourself intrigued and wanting to know more about the current housing market situation in Atherton, the Boyenga Team at Intero Real Estate specializes in Silicon Valley Homes. You can find out more about Eric and Janelle Boyenga of the Boyenga Team by visiting their website listed below, or contacting them at 650.947.4645.


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