Dave Bragg Kicks off Campaign Season in Style

Bragg for City Council campaign volunteer Steve Arrellano shares his take on the kick off event that was held in Menlo Park at Auto Vino.

Last Friday evening marked a great start for , who is running for Menlo Park City Council.

The event was held at in Menlo Park last Friday and the venue was spectaular. One attendee was overheard commenting on the gathering, "Where can you go and hang-out around a collection of cars valued at over $2,000,000., drive an Indy car simulator and taste some of the finest local wine around?"

But it was more than all of that to Dave Bragg; it was the locals residents and business owners that took their time to come out on a Friday night just to support Dave and his run for 

"I normally always running somewhere, weather to coach, work, help with others campaigns or most important, taking my wife to dinner," Dave said. "But tonight I was humbled by the turn out we had."

The positive feeling that was in the room was incrediable. I honestly feel that the residents of Menlo Park are not looking for a politican who can only list the endorsment they have gotten, but are looking for a regular hard working guy that wants to get things done for our community.

Dave has opened the door to all locals to let him know what is important to them and he has listened. I think that is why I have seen this outpour of support. 

"My wife, Anna and I want to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for what you have done so far and the increase of support I have gotten over the last few days of people that want to help get me elected," Dave said. 

The next event will be a family B.B.Q held 9/23/2012 from 11:00am until 4:00pm.

There will be bounce houses, swimming, music and food and drink. 

This event is open to all residents of Menlo Park and surrounding areas. Please go to www.DaveBragg.com to RSVP.  

You can now "Like" Dave on Facebook see him at: http://www.facebook.com/DaveBraggMPCityCouncil12

Stay Patched in to politics in Atherton and Menlo Park.


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