Beeping Sound in Menlo Park

There is an electronic chirp in my neighborhood (the area bounded by Coleman Place, Coleman Avenue, and Willow Road) that I cannot locate.  It's a loud electronic chirp outside every 15 seconds.  It sounds similar to a home fire alarm with a battery going bad.  It is mostly continuous but does stop for periods of hours, which leads me to believe it's a car or home alarm.  My neighbors hear it but none of us can locate it.  It's been going for a couple weeks now and is a nuisance but will be far worse when we start to open the windows at night.  Does anyone have any information about the source of this noise or recommendation about how to locate it?
Amy Carlow January 31, 2014 at 12:12 PM
Problem solved. Recently vacated cottage; owner was resetting carbon monoxide alarm, which stopped the beeping temporarily. He finally changed the battery.


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