Athertonians Can Work As a Team For Citizens

Atherton City Council Candidate Elizabeth Lewis welcomed residents into her home Sunday night for a casual conversation about issues. Here is my take away from the event.

Sunday night was a lot of fun with a number of Atherton residents coming together, and members from other towns (Menlo Park & Redwood City) wanting to know what Elizabeth had to say, and supporting Elizabeth Lewis. This is my take away from the event.

Her main goal if, or when she is mayor, is to bring the council together to work as a team for what the people want. Without violating the Brown Act, there are ways to get the city to work as a team for the end goal of our citizens.

Many of us discussed the current behavior of the council, and she took what I would consider the high road, and said something to the effect of: "That is the past. Lets get along & work together."

On many important issues, she didn't try to skirt them; but given the current situation, it is in the voters' hands. She wants to do right by the town, but knows she works with us and the voters' desires are what's most important.

When someone brought up how Mr. Connors (the city attorney) wrote the law on the library issue, she said because it was a 3-2 vote, he could write the council wanted the library in the park. I personally find what Mr. Connors wrote misleading. He should have said the council is mixed. 

As usual there was talk from a number of people about how Bill Widmer had a cross in one hand and a knife in the other. Again Elizabeth took the high road and didn't comment. She didn't need to; it is common fact. A number of people haven't gotten past that. They believed and trusted he would do the right thing.

Tonight was about Elizabeth, but people can't help but talk when someone does the wrong thing that they believed in. I left feeling her true message is not the past, but the future she wants to bring to Atherton.

Only at Elizabeth's home: We saw someone who we didn't get along with for years. Finally we eye to eye on two subjects, and decided at a future date to try to either see eye to eye, or at least agree to disagree in a polite manner. Amazing. I think her willingness to try to bring this town together rubbed off on us.


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