Photos: Facebook Elves Visit JobTrain

Ask kids not to eat the gingerbread houses

donned elf costumes Monday and gave children presents at JobTrain in Menlo Park. 

The children belonged to parents who are taking classes at JobTrain, a Menlo Park-based company that has helped more than 160,000 people in the Bay Area find jobs. 

JobTrain employees converted their office space into a "Winter Wonderland" complete with Christmas trees, a sleigh, and a Facebook house with a blueberry Shredded Wheat roof. 

Kail Lubarsky, JobTrain Marketing Director, said the place was transformed "into a beautiful Winter Wonderland for children who’d otherwise have a barren holiday  – no Christmas tree – no gifts – no holiday festivities."  

Lubarsky said Facebook made a generous financial contribution to fund the event.  More than 300 gifts were given away. 


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