What’s Open in Menlo Park on Veterans Day?

Holiday leads to closure of post offices and banks.

Today is the day we commemorate the sacrifices made by the people who enlisted in the armed forces to protect the freedoms we enjoy daily.  One of the ways many institutions do that is by closing their doors. So which ones in Menlo Park have? 

Mail: No delivery will occur via the today. Fed Ex will not be delivering either.

Transit: Caltrain will observe the regular weekday schedule. SamTrans will also operate on a regular weekday schedule.

Banks: It depends on which one holds your money. Most of them are closed. The branch in Menlo Park will be closed, however, hasn’t declared plans to shut its doors. Just need some cash? The ATM at is open 24/7/365.

Federal Offices: Closed

State offices: Closed

City administration: Closed

Libraries: Closed. The book drop will also be sealed. It opens again tomorrow morning.

Parks: Open. Flood Park reopens tomorrow.


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