Best of Winner: Cedro Ristorante Italiano

The Menlo Park restaurant won 41 percent of the vote in the Patch "Best of" Italian restaurants contest.

Voting officially closed Friday at 9 a.m. in Patch’s Best of Italian Restaurants poll, marking the end of Italian food at lunch time here in the Patch office <insert sad emoticon here>…for now.

Patch asked you which Italian restaurant in Menlo Park best captured the essence of an Italian meal. Could it be ? Or perhaps ? The answer is neither. 

Patch readers voted Best Italian Restaurant in Menlo Park. Forty one percent of Patch readers who took the poll preferred Cedro to other restaurants in town, while 11 percent liked Carpaccio. 

Patch reader Gregory lauded the restaurant in the comments section, saying “The polenta parmigiana at Cedro is divine.”

The article that announced the start of our poll presented a selection of restaurants in town and concluded with the question, “Which of these is your favorite?”

Patch reader Jill said, “. BEST lasagna I have EVER had!"

And so the poll concluded, with Cedro crowned as the winner. Congrats Cedro! 


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