Come Blog for Menlo Park Patch

Passionate about issues in Menlo Park? You're perfect.

I'm looking to bring on new bloggers, so if you're passionate about any local issues, please sign up. Strong community voices are needed.

Blogs can be more free-wheeling than Menlo Park Patch news, but don't feel like you can't blog about the news. Any and all topics will be considered. I will have the final say on what is posted but for the most part anything that is legal goes. I want the bloggers to own their blogs. 

Menlo Park Patch will not own the blog content, meaning you can repost stuff on other sites. Bloggers will be unpaid. 

If you are passionate about anything in Menlo Park, whether it's education, fishing, government, shopping or pets (literally, anything), are a prolific writer and have a strong voice, then you should write for Menlo Park Patch's new blog. 

Please, sign up if you're interested.



Editor, Menlo Park Patch

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