Downtown Fish Move West

You asked; Menlo Park Patch answered.

Each year, the city of Menlo Park in front of city hall to clean them.  They began that process this week. 

In the comments section of the article I published about that, Patch user TGD asked, ”What did they do with the fish that were living there?”

Good question, TGD.  You piqued my curiosity, so I called Dave Mooney to find out.

Mooney supervises maintenance of the parks and trees in Menlo Park.  He said the turtles and the koi fish that usually swim around in those ponds were transported to the pond in Sharon Park.

“That one was cleaned about a month ago,” Mooney said.  “It was all ready for the fish to swim around up there.”

You may also have noticed that only one of the ponds by city hall is drained right now.  They’re cleaning the two ponds in stages to minimize disruption to the ducks who nest there.   When one pond is drained, the ducks waddle over to the other one to paddle around. 

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