Bears: 10 Cutest Photos of Cubs Amber and Scout

Which cub scout featured in Disneynature's "Bears" are you more like?

Photo/Disneynature "Bears"
Photo/Disneynature "Bears"
If you see Disneynature's upcoming film Bears, in theaters April 18, you probably won't just learn about the family of grizzlies—you might learn about yourself, too.

The film covers a family of brown bears in Alaska, including cubs Amber and Scout. You'll see the importance of family, the joy of life and challenge of obstacles reflected in Bears. 

But which cub do you think you're more like—Amber or Scout? Check out the photo gallery above, and learn more about their personality traits that will shine in the movie: 

  • Cautious
  • Head of the pack
  • Strategize
  • Waits for the catch of the day
  • Part of a team
  • Risk taker
  • Leader of the pack
  • A "doer" 
  • Grabs the catch of the day
  • Independent 

This article is sponsored by Disneynature's new film "Bears," in theaters April 18. 


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