Taco Trucks Tweet

Nominate your favorite street food vendor to star in our next episode of Gastronomica.

Taco trucks are circling around the Peninsula, cruising from town to town, spreading their tummy-warming goodness.  Most of them don’t really have a schedule, which makes it hard to know where they are, unless you know someone in the loop.

But we found a few of those trucks on Twitter, and we’re eyeing their tweets, waiting for them to cruise near us, so we can shoot the next episode of .

For those of you just tuning in, Menlo Park Patch and Palo Alto Patch collaborate on a weekly foodie video that enables you to try street food vicariously through us. It’s quite a treat to produce.

Under our belts, we have Episode 1: @Hapasf

Inclement weather has prevented us from shooting more episodes these past few weeks.  However, we are not deterred! We’ve been scoping other street food vendors to try to work them into our production schedule:




Clearly, we have room for more. Want us to profile your favorite street vendor? Tweet me @MenloPatch.

Also, if you’re planning to grab a bite to eat from a street food vendor on a Monday or Tuesday, tweet @MenloPatch, so we can meet up.   You could be in our next episode of Gastronomica.


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