Photos: 'SportsHouse' Construction Begins

The 75,000 square foot indoor sports complex will be completed by October.

Construction broke ground on the future SportsHouse, a combination of an indoor sports complex and entertainment center at 3151 Edison Way. The Sheriff’s Department has already moved its offices into the future SportsHouse building and has approximately two dozen employees in the space.

The Board of Supervisors on December 13, 2011, approved development of the former beer warehouse into the sports complex. While some neighbors were wary of potential traffic increases, most North Fair Oaks neighbors expressed excitement about the project, which will be completed by October 2012.

Employees from the Sheriff’s Department said they love their new space.

“This is such a perfect work place,” said employee Gigi Carter.

The Sheriff’s Activities League, which hosts youth programs, will conveniently have space in the SportsHouse to host any sports leagues or activities.

Currently, construction crews are replacing the wooden tresses that support the roof with steel ones, the bulk of the work, said owner Marcus Maita.

The actual soccer, basketball and volleyball fields will only take a few weeks to install, Maita said.

“We’re so happy that we could stay in this space that my dad owned since 1985,” Maita said. “We were able to turn it into something that will benefit the community.”

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