Moment Garden Launches iPhone App

Menlo Park-based startup lets parents make online baby books.

Moment Garden announced the release of two mobile products Tuesday that enable moms to make private, online baby books.

Moment Garden is a startup in Menlo Park that now lets parents share photos and videos of their kids from their iOS devices. It was application. Users can choose to automatically share their captured moments with an approved list of family members and friends who can comment and "love" the moments.

It is very similar to Facebook concedes Co-Founder Chris Kundinger. However, Moment Garden is more private.

“People now typically have hundreds of friends on Facebook, and parents tell us it's no longer a place they feel comfortable sharing more intimate moments, especially those involving their young children,” Kundinger explained.

A prominent difference between Facebook and Moment Garden is apparent in the user interface. While Facebook's Timeline is vertical, Moment Garden's is horizontal. Moment Garden's is also more colorful.

Co-founder Zack Garbow says Moment Garden also enables parents to preserve their identity on their Facebook account.

“Facebook requires individuals to be at least 13 years old to have an account, so some parents share their child’s photos on their own personal profile, making it difficult to separate your baby’s memories from those of your own life,” Garbow said.

“Moment Garden, on the other hand, is entirely dedicated to your baby, so all the memories are in one place and aren’t cluttered with photos from your work or social outings.”

Moment Garden is now available as an app for both iPad and iPhone.

Do you think it's better than Facebook or G+? Tell me in the comments.

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