Your Water District Makes House Calls! Santa Clara Valley Water Offers Free 'Water-Wise' Evaluations

A Water-Wise House Call is a free, home water-use survey, offered by the Santa Clara Valley Water District, that helps identify opportunities where you can conserve water.

A surveyor will visit your home and help you calculate your water use, teach you how to read your water meter, survey your irrigation system, and show you simple ways to save water both inside and outside the home.

During a Water-Wise House Call, a surveyor will:
  • Replace leaking toilet flapper valves if needed and requested.
  • Measure your showerhead flow rates and install free showerheads if needed and requested.
  • Measure faucet flow rates and provide faucet aerators for kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Evaluate the efficiency of your irrigation system.
  • Provide you with a personalized irrigation schedule.
  • Identify irrigation leaks, broken or mismatched sprinkler heads, high water pressure, and other common irrigation problems.
  • Develop a prioritized list of how you can start using water as efficiently as possible.
To suit your schedule, Water-Wise House Calls are available for Santa Clara County residents and apartment managers Monday through Saturday, during daylight hours. 

To schedule an appointment, call 1 (800) 548-1882, or click here to submit an online Water-Wise House Call request. 


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