Editor Seeks Reader Feedback

Join the conversation that's going on in the comments section. Don't worry, you won't be the first person at the party, so to speak.

Productive things to do today:

1) Buy a 2x16 LED Directional Warning Strobe Red/Blue Light Bar
2) Find those pants that look good with that sweater
3) Comment on Menlo Park Patch


Your candid feedback helps me know which topics to pursue and which to discard. It also enables you to talk to people about local issues that you could literally stumble on the next time you go to work. Have something to say? Put it out there in a comment.

If you like what you're seeing, say so. If you hate what you're seeing, let it out. 

Even if you only moderately disagree with a position presented and would prefer that the dialogue be elevated, comment on the article with your analysis.

Let's take Patch to the next level.

Talk to you soon,

, Editor of Menlo Park Patch

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