Community Rallies, Reunites Dog with Owner

Lola, the Brussels Griffon that disappeared on Wednesday was found and reunited with her owner Thursday.


After word had gotten out that a little dog near downtown had run off when her owner had a medical emergency, residents on Campbell Patch's Facebook Page offered their support to get Lola home.

"Eyes peeled!" said one reader.

"Do you know if there are any search groups organized?" said another.

"A friend of mine showed me a picture of a dog her neighbor found yesterday. I've sent her the link to the article, fingers crossed its this little one!" said one reader.

The 13-pound Brussels Griffon had run from her home on North Central Avenue through downtown, up Railway Avenue and ended up following a resident back to his home at The Avalon in Campbell.

"Aaron (Watts) brought her to the front office to see if anyone recognized her but no one did," says Campbell resident Jessica Veal.

Veal, who works at The Avalon, took photos of the little dog, who didn't make a sound during the entire time she was at the apartment complex, and sent them to friends in and around town she knew to spread the word.

When no one came forward, Watts, who lives at The Avalon, asked Veal to take Lola home because he has cats and she agreed. She brought the little dog home with her, gave her some doggie treats and a bath.

Because Veal is a teacher, she asked her friend in Los Gatos Taira Kenney to help watch over Lola.

Judy Blair also helped spread the word of her neighbor's little dog on Nextdoor.

"I immediately went out to try to find her," Blair says. "I felt like it was my fault that she got out."

But soon after Blair posted onto Nextdoor another neighbor contacted Campbell Patch and we ran this article, which garnered 83 Facebook recommends and several Twitter Tweets.

Patch received a tip Thursday morning from Watts that he thought he may have found Lola and the reunion was made possible the same day.

"We are just so glad it's a happy ending," Veal says. "It really takes a village!"

Lola is now back with her owner, Chad, and happily gave her rescuers dog kisses. As for Lola's neighbor and friend, Blair is relieved that the Brussels Griffon is home.

"I felt like the Lord had given me the blessing of this town of Campbell," Blair says. "These people, when you need help they're there. I feel like now I can breathe.

"I want to say thank you to the community," she says

stacy December 07, 2012 at 03:29 AM
This makes me so incredibly happy. Thank you, Campbell Patch, for everything you do!!
Mayra Flores de Marcotte December 07, 2012 at 03:33 AM
Awww [blush]. Thank you, Stacy, and to all the Campbell (and Los Gatos) residents who not only kept their eyes open for little Lola but also helped spread the word and connect everyone together. Let me tell you ... Judy was ecstatic to see the little pup this afternoon and even gave everyone, including me, a hug. :)
stacy December 07, 2012 at 03:42 AM
Big smiles. I know Judy is relieved; me too! We'll all sleep better tonight.
Mayra Flores de Marcotte December 07, 2012 at 05:12 AM
Definitely! It was such a great ending to this story. :)


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